Q) OK, I get the general idea but what is it exactly? A) Think aerobics, but not just aerobics! This one teaches you how to lead fun, varied intensity group sessions of cardio and body weight resistance routines along to, you guessed it, music. Just FYI, in the business we call it ETM.

Q) Gotcha! What do I need to do? Join us on a course where the FitAsylum squad will impart their ETM wisdom, pass on their passion and let you go crazy with your own routines. Can you complete multiple choice exams? Course you can. Other than that you just need rhythm and coordination to pass. Leotards optional.

Q) Then I can instruct my own sessions? A) Yep, how cool is that! Put your own spin on it and build that FitFam.

Q) Sign me up! A) Give us a call, we’ll book you on the course closest to you and let you know if you’re eligible for a loan or funding, bonus! Manchester – 5 Day Course Course Start Date – Monday 10th June 2019 Tuesday 11th June 2019 Wednesday 12th June 2019 Thursday 13th June 2019 Assessment Day – Friday 21st June 2019