Engine Carbon Clean Service We offer a Carbon Clean service which is a very effective way to remove carbon buildup inside the engine which helps to restore the vehicle performance and regain lost MPG. Works for Diesel, petrol or LPG vehicles. Benefits of Carbon Cleaning Better Drive ability Smoother Power Delivery Improved MPG Lower Emissions Restores Vehicle Performance Quieter Running Engine Cleans Internal Components How it works and why our machine is more effective Our machine produces pure Hydrogen gas which is used to complete the engines combustion process more efficiently and maximise the burn efficiency as well as reducing the carbon being produced during the process. We also use the hydrogen gas to transport our atomized detergent based cleaning fluid into the air intake of the vehicle giving a more effective clean then just using Hydrogen on its own. The hydrogen and cleaning fluid reacts with the carbon turning the carbon into hydrocarbons which lifts the carbon deposits from inside the engine and exits via the exhaust system. Our machine is fully automated and completely safe. The whole process takes 1 hour. The cost is £70 (Multi discounts available) For bookings or enquiries message us on Facebook or call on 0116- 2763716 Car Tronics Leicester 312-314 Green Lane Road LE54PB