Contact us for the following IT Services:1 – Help with your Broadband, WiFi, Firewall, Home Network and VPN setup. We can either talk you through the process of connecting it up or let us do everything for you.2 – Scan your computer for viruses and malware. If anything detected, we should be able in most cases to remove the infection.3 – Help with connecting up your computer, monitor, printer and any other periheral (eg external drive, scanner, webcam etc).4 – Install and configure internal cards or devices (eg NIC, video, hard disk etc)5 – Run general health check on your computer to make sure it’s performing as it should and that no one application is hogging the CPU or Memory. We will advice you if performance can be improved by adding extra memory or other tweaks to the system.6 – General hardware repairs and troubleshooting. If your equipment has a hardware fault we can help diagnose and repair if possible.7 – Domain registration and setup. We can help with the domain registration and initial setup for your new web site.Please contact us for anything else that is not mentioned above and we will try our best to help. Payment: We accept Cash, PayPal or Bank transferNote: Our services are only for private customersAreas covered: UB3, UB4, UB5, UB6, W5, HA0 – 9, NW10. For any other areas we offer phone support. Contact us for special arrangement outside these areas.Rates: £30 /hr (Plus parts) for home visit, £15 /hr for phone supportYou can contact us either my email, phone or text. If no answer please leave a voice message and we will call you back