The stock market is daunting, risky and complex. Or is it? I’ve been trading from home for over 5 years now. It took me 18 months of losses, and an expensive membership of a “professional” trading room to realise I had to develop my own strategy. For the last 3 years I have been consistently making money. The market is all about patterns, I was sceptical of this initially, thinking the market was some random beast. It’s not. It’s about identifying these patterns and trading them correctly. It’s not easy and takes significant will-power and learning. I can help you with : Trading software Computer set-up Scanning software (I will share with you my scan results real time – it took over a year to develop!) Trading psychology I trade live and talk through what I’m looking at, my entry point, exit and most important – Stop loss. Fed-up with the 9-5? Career not going anywhere? Want more financial stability?