I have for sale my Linx 12v32 tablet/laptop, new direct from Tesco outlet. I brought the original linx 12v32 tablet refurnished last year direct from Tesco outlet and it served me well until about a month ago when it stopped charging and then turned its self off and would not come back on I contacted Tesco outlet direct as the item was still under warranty and they told me to send the item back and they would either replace it or refund me the money. So I sent the item back. while waiting to hear from Tesco I decided to bite the bullet and buy myself a Microsoft surface pro, then a day ago a parcel turned up at my house from Tesco and they have sent out what appears to be a brand new linx 12v32 laptop/tablet. I have not unwrapped the tablet or turned it on. I have opened the box to check everything is in the box and to take photographs as can be seen in the photographs it is all in its boxes and wrapping. The new owner can test it before buying it. For the specks please see photographs.I would prefer pick up so the item can be seen before purchase but am willing to post at the buyer’s expense and risk. any more questions please ask I will try and answer them. thank you