I have a very playful & adventurous golden retriever (born 3rd July 2014) that needs a lot of stimulation. I have a medical condition that puts a limit on how much activity I can provide for Neo.


Neo was borrowed by Alice 22 Oct 2016 Had a lovely afternoon meeting Marc and Neo. We met at a pub/restaurant and we chatted and then i took Neo for a short walk to get to know him. Marc was lovely and made me feel comfortable and made it clear there was no pressure to walk Neo if i didn’t think it was a good fit. This was not the case as i got on well with them both and Ive made an arrangement to walk Neo again. Very happy 🙂 Neo was borrowed by Emma 14 Oct 2017 Neo and Marc have been fantastic so far, it’s great to have met such a great dog who is always so happy to see us! He is an absolute star. His owner, Marc has been very welcoming and so easy going, letting us rock up whenever we can 🙂 Long may it continue