Organic Winery for sale, with a TOP production. The company, is in the growing phase of production, and with a high positive ROI. Ideal for creating a new wine brand. The geographical position of the land, is among the best one for the production, of excellent grapes, and that can be vinified, thanks to the mineral properties of the land\earth, and the climatic conditions of the Adriatic Sea and Area Majella. The extension of the company is 17 hectares, of which 70% are vineyards (Monepulcinao, Trebbiano, Chardonay, and soo on) plus 300 olive trees. Ideal company for investors or prestigious entrepreneurs. The company extends within 1 km on the hills between Orsogna and Canosa Sannita in the province of Chieti. (Abruzzo – Italy) The company is 200 km far from Rome, in the center of Italy, a very beautiful area where you have mountains and sea, bought at 40 minutes away, a very clean/fresh/ air in an ecological/natural area. A very very smart and healthy investment, which brings you excellent profits every year! If you are interested buying just call onethe 2 mobile number below