Secure, easy & reliable self-storage in the London, Docklands area – Just a 7-minute walk from Canary Wharf! We are a friendly, service driven family run business, dedicated to helping you with any & all storage needs! – Do you have an office overflowing with excess files? No problem. – Is your home getting a little cluttered, but can’t bring yourself to part with anything? Not an issue. – Are you going away for a while but don’t want to leave all your belongings unprotected? No need to worry. Here at Store That, we go above and beyond what is expected of us to make sure that this part of your life is as easy as it possibly can be. Self-storage can sometimes be confusing and not many people know what it is we do exactly! Let us help you with that – This is the process of getting yourself one of our fabulous units: – Enquire with us about a certain size, or if you don’t know, provide us with some information and we’ll help you with a size. – Come down and have a look around to see if our facility is up to your standards. – Agree on a unit that you like, sign up (Just a little paperwork involved) and make your first payment. – Arrange to have your belongings moved in, lock it all up and throw away the key! (Although we would strongly advise you to keep the key). That’s it! Four simple steps and you no longer need to worry about cluttered space! If you’d like to see our facility for yourself, feel free to come down and have a look around – Our office assistants make a lovely cup of tea! We have units ranging from 20 square foot, all the way up to 155 square foot sea containers (Brand new and fitted with the best insulation and ventilation). Prices range from £75-£320.