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Document updated on 27th of January , 2019

  1. Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions (the “Terms and Conditions“) constitute the legal agreement between Online Service. Please read these Terms and Conditions for using in any way the website available at (the “Site"). Accessing and visiting the site, registering an account on the site and / or using the site publishing services for the sale, purchase or rental of goods or services (the “Services") means the total and unconditional acceptance of these Terms and Conditions .

  1. Definitions

The terms used below will have the following meaning:

User – any natural person aged 18 or over who has full access to the site, interested in the data, information, advertisements and / or Online Services, as well as any natural person including authorized person) and / or the legal entity that purchases the Services provided through the Website.

Professional User – means any User who, posting any Ad, declaring it individually on the Site as being provided by the “Company" and / or any User who has purchased from any paid Announcements package.

Provider or, Authorized Individual, based in Cambridge 16 Peverel Road, CB5 8RH, United Kingdom.

Phone number 07490744129, email:

Announcement – Publishes the offer launched by a user in order to be published by through the Website, regarding the sale or rental of a Product.

Good product or service that may be marketed under the law and does not violate the limits imposed by these Terms and Conditions.

The website of the website., including any section or sub-page thereof. Sites and / or webpages or other components thereof that belong to third parties and are accessed by Users as a result of the links or links available on the website. is not the object or scope of this definition.

Paid Announcement – Announcement may be published by Users on only by paying a fee to the Supplier.

Free announcement – notice that may be published by Users on the page without a fee charged by the Provider.

 Limit Free Classifieds – The Free Ads Limit is considered to be reached when the User uses the last Free Announcement available in the Supplier’s offer for a category Operators – people specially trained by the Provider to check / moderate the content of the Ads posted by Users on the Website.

 *By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions you represent and warrant that you are 18 years of age and full exercise capacity or, in the case of a legal person, you are a registered company., reserves the right to modify or update at any time unilaterally the Terms and Conditions.

 You can access the Terms and Conditions anytime at. If you do not delete your account on the Website, you have expressed your legal consent to modify the Terms and Conditions.

If you do not agree with the proposed changes, the only option you have is to delete the account registered on the Website or to no longer access, visit or use the Website in any way.

  1. Using, Personal and ADULT categories:
  2. a) Some of the material contained in the Personal and Adult categories on the Site is of an adult nature and relates to adult entertainment services. By accessing the Personal and/or Adult categories, you confirm that:
  3. b) You are over the age of consent, as defined by the country or state from where you are accessing the Site;
  4. c) You will only use the Site for legal purposes;
  5. d) You are accessing the Site from a country or state where it is not illegal to enter adult websites and/or view sexually explicit material;
  6. e) You are not offended by nudity, sexual imagery or adult sexual activity;
  7. f) You will not permit or allow any minor, or other person for whom it is illegal, to access this part of the Site;
  8. g) You have read the Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy, the Disclaimer and the Posting Rules; and
  9. h) You recognise that the Site uses Cookies and you permit them to be stored on your computer.
  1. Exploitation / Evidence of wrongdoing
  2. a) net, believes that two consenting adults are free to act as they wish, so long as they abide by the law.
  3. b) net, does not abide sexual abuse or exploitation in any form or sense whatsoever. Please be aware that, answers requests from third parties, including law enforcement, where required and, will share information with relevant third parties if, in our view, there is evidence that may be relevant to an investigation.
  1. Purpose pursued

The purpose of these Terms and Conditions is to define and regulate the terms of use of the Website and the Services.

The Website contains links (“links") or references to other websites / websites for which specific terms and conditions of use will be applied as specified on the websites / pages, being unresponsive and not subject to any obligation for the content of those websites and / or any other links (“links") or references thereto to other websites or web pages.

 The inclusion of these links (“links") or references to the Website is usually made for the help or in the interest of the User, and in other cases for advertising purposes.  

 Because cannot guarantee / control the timeliness / accuracy of the information on third-party websites referenced on the Website, the User accesses those websites and / or uses their products / services exclusively at their own risk and on own responsibility.

 The entire content of the Website, including but not limited to texts, images, graphics, computer programs, and any other data and applications, are the property of and / or its partners, being protected under the law, as well as all other laws, including but not limited to the applicable Intellectual and Industrial Property Laws.

 Ads posted by Users are the subject of intellectual property rights of Users and are protected as such by law. Retrieval of any information and / or data from the Website for the purpose of republication, total or partial distribution or for any other purpose, in any form, without the prior written consent of the Provider, is strictly prohibited and punished according to the laws in force.

  1. General Aspects

An announcement will be created by filling in a form, available on the Website, containing:

  • the actual contact data of the User;
  • the real description of the Product being the subject of the Announcement; and
  • the price of the Product that is the subject of the Announcement.

By submitting the Notice for publication to the Provider, the User declares that he agrees fully and unconditionally with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, fully agreeing that, in the event of non-compliance with them, be held accountable according to their provisions.

The User assumes full responsibility for the content of the Announcement and for the truthfulness of the information published in the Announcement and / or communicated to the Provider.

The procedure for displaying an Ad on the Website is detailed in the section entitled “Help" on the Website.

The validity of an Ad on the Site is 07 days, with the possibility of extension at the end of this term.

  7. Supplier’s Rights and Obligations the Provider undertakes to publish all Advertisements submitted by Users through the Website that comply with the provisions / conditions imposed by this document. The Provider undertakes to remedy as quickly as possible any alleged malfunctions related to the operation of the Website or possible inconsistencies between the data provided in the Notice by the User and the data published on the Website by the Provider, except for those inconsistencies signaled by the Users due to the fact that the Provider’s Operators have partially modified the Announcement so that it meets the conditions imposed by this document so that it can be kept posted on the Website. The Provider does not warrant to Users that the Website will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error free. The Provider will not be responsible for failing to disclose the Announcements or discontinuing their display for reasons beyond their control or for direct and / or indirect damages that the User may suffer from this cause. The supplier is not responsible for delays caused by technical failures occurring at the level of its collaborators and / or partners. The Provider cannot be held liable for the activities of the Users, in particular for the provision of erroneous content regarding the data of the Product or service that is the subject of the Notice. The Provider reserves the right to delete or partially change an Announcement if it is found to violate the Terms and Conditions in any way, especially if it has a content considered as offensive or slanderous, constitutes unfair competition, violates the rights of the intellectual property of a third party or is contrary to good practice, which acts to the detriment of the Provider, or otherwise violates any legal provision. The Supplier also reserves the right to suspend, modify, add or delete at any time other portions of the Website content. The Supplier has the right to delete any Announcement or to block the Accounts if there is suspicion that through the Announcements published or the Accounts created there have been or may be damages related to the security of the activities of other Users of the Service. Also, if the Notice adversely affects the Supplier’s reputation or is in any way harmful to the Supplier. The Provider declares that he is the owner of all intellectual property rights in connection with the Website, in addition to the Ads posted on the Website by Users, in respect of which Users grant the Provider a non-exclusive right to use and make available to the public under the terms and conditions set forth in these Terms and Conditions.

The Supplier does not assume any responsibility for the content or the truth of the published Announcements. The Supplier does not in any way guarantee any measure of quality, quantity, availability or any other aspect of the Products described in the Announcements.

According to the legislation in force, the Provider has the obligation to immediately inform the competent public authorities about the allegedly unlawful activities carried out by the recipients of his services or about the allegedly unlawful information provided by the Users of the Website., will be able to perform statistical tests and analyzes to optimize and streamline policies and to objectively and indiscriminately improve’s work and user experience without being required to inform users about the tests or their results.

Any User who does not wish to be a member of the group of Users who randomly participate in these tests or any other User who believes that he or she is disadvantaged by such an initiative has the right to request clarification of his / her status, followed by, submit all due diligence to address the reported situation as long as the User’s request proves to be an entitlement.

  1. Rights and Obligations of the User

The User has the right to fully benefit from the Services, as long as no violation of the Terms and Conditions is found.

The User assumes responsibility for the content of the Announcements published and declares that they correspond to the real and legal status of the Product that is the subject of the Announcement and does not violate the rights of the Provider and / or third parties.

The User declares on his / her own responsibility that he / she is the owner of all intellectual property rights including copyright in the published content, including photographs, and agrees to make it available to the Public of the Provider on all and any of its online platforms, and other means such as press releases, television, banners, billboards, and the Internet.

By completing the form and / or transmitting the Notice by other means to the Provider to make it available to the public through the Website, the User declares that he agrees fully and unconditionally with the Terms and Conditions.

Besides the information related to his own announcement, the User is strictly forbidden to take any information on the Website for full or partial republication in any form without the written consent of the Provider in this respect.

Users are prohibited from creating multiple accounts on the Website in order to avoid, among other things, the limits of Free Classified Ads in certain categories. reserves the right to make checks to identify multiple accounts, using e-mail addresses, phone numbers and IP addresses entered by Users. A User, a legal person, may have multiple accounts only if they can prove that they are created to serve different affiliates or work points of the User.

If multiple accounts belonging to the same User are identified, will have the right to delete them. At the same time,, will have the right to take additional steps such as deleting Advertisements and restricting access to Website Services against Users who make use of such practices.

Users are forbidden to publish multiple Ads on the same Product (when the Product is for a particular service that can be marketed under the law and does not violate the limits imposed by these Terms and Conditions) for a single geographical area (eg city or county) in to increase the visibility of the Product. reserves the right to make checks to identify Multiple Ads on the same Product using email addresses, phone numbers, and IP addresses entered by Users.

On the other hand, in view of the specificity of the activity, a User is permitted to publish a Distinctive Announcement on the same Product for different geographical areas (e.g., the same Single Product Notice for a service that may be provided in five different cities).

If Multiple Announcements on the same Product are identified and belonging to the same User,, you will have the unobtrusive right to delete identical Ads with the Initial Ad.

At the same time,, will have the right to take additional steps such as restricting access to Website Services against Users who make use of such practices.

  1. Check / Moderate Ads and Accounts

Verification / moderation of Advertisements posted on the Website by Provider Providers aims to remove incomplete, obviously incorrect and / or non-compliant ads (they have offensive or slanderous content, are contrary to good practices, etc.), thus attempting to give the other Users a small number of erroneous ads.

Except as outlined above in Article 6, it is not permitted to publish multiple Ads for the same Product.

It is not allowed to delete and republish ads with the same content.

An Announcement is valid for a single Product. Advertisements that refer to multiple Products are not allowed for publication.

Fake, interpretable or personal data ads cannot be published in their description.

No ads are allowed to be published Announcements containing prices deemed by the Supplier to be unreliable (for example, but not limited to: 1 pounds/euro prices, prices much below the market / statistics available to the Supplier).

Not allowed to publish Ads containing photos taken from other sources (photos featuring the logo of other sites, inscriptions or presentation pictures offered by manufacturers or other media agencies on the subject of the Announcement), except for Sealed Products.

Not allowed for publication Announcements for:

  • drugs,
  • goods obtained through theft, robbery, fraudsters or other types of crime
  • goods dangerous to human health and life
  • Non-existent goods
  • endangered animals
  • demand for goods or services, except for those in the Jobs category
  • Explosive materials, pyrotechnic articles (fireworks, firecrackers)
  • music, movies, software, or other assets that infringes copyright and intellectual property
  • diploma papers or help writing a diploma paper
  • Loan, Pawn, Loan or Shackle, Camper, or other similar activities
  • pharmaceuticals and medicaments except food supplements, vitamins, herbal medicines
  • human organs
  • weapons of the category of weapons and lethal / non-lethal ammunition (military weapons, hunting weapons, stun guns, tranquilizers, collector weapons, panoply weapons) and white weapons (bayonets, swords, sisters, boxes, castets, crossbows, springs, beats, trumpets and telescopic sticks)
  • lethal / non-lethal weapons and ammunition not complying with the provisions of the law.

Ads that contain links to other competing websites cannot be published. It is not allowed to manipulate the keywords in the Ad Content (insertion in the title or description of the Non-Product-Related Keyword Offer).

 No ads can be published in a language other than English or contain inappropriate language. Ads are not admitted that contain contact numbers as surcharge numbers as contact data.  

No unsolicited emails (called general spam) are allowed. Any Announcement that encourages these posts or offers a job for sending them will be disabled. Ads, whether active on the site or blocked to moderation, are verified by the Provider, and Ads that do not comply with the site Terms and Conditions will be removed from the site as soon as possible and in some cases, blocking the account from which they were published., may check the compliance of the Website Terms of Service Ads, selectively, based on its own prioritization criteria, such as, among others, the geographical area for which the Announcements have been published.

 As a result of the non-observance of any of the provisions of this document by any of the Ads posted on the Website (including those paid to be promoted or paid because they exceed the number of Free Classified Ads permitted in certain categories), Supplier Providers will be entitled, depending on the situation concrete, on a case-by-case basis:

  • either partially modify the Ad, as far as possible, so as to avoid deleting that Ad on the Website and address the errors or inaccuracies found;
  • either to interrupt the continuity of the Announcement by denying it. Declining the Ad is to disable its posting on the Website.

 If the Ad is denied and deleted from the Website, the User will be informed in writing of the reason for the refusal, having the opportunity to fix the matter and republish the Notice.

 In the case of the purchase of Announcement Packages, refusing to moderate an Announcement in the package leads to a decrease in the number of Announcements available from the package in the sense that the Unused Announcement is not re-added to the number of Available Ants.

Amounts paid by users when buying the Announcements Pack are not refunded. In case the refusal to moderate a Free Announcement makes the total number of Active Classified Ads below the set limit, the price of any already paid Annuity is not reimbursed. By way of example, if a User registers two Free Classifieds and a third taxable, they are moderated simultaneously and one of the Free Ads is denied, in this case, although the limit of the Free Classified Ads on the Website is not exceeded, the third Announcement is not reimbursed because the timing of the status of an Announcement as a Paid Announcement or Free Advice is the actual recording time (which is former moderator).

 If the User repeatedly publishes the Notice without remedying the reported issues, the Supplier reserves the right to block the User’s access to the Website in order to post new Announcements or administer the existing Announcements.

 In the event of changing the Terms and Conditions, the changes made shall not apply to agreements on the publication of Announcements that have been concluded between Supplier and Users under the terms and conditions of the previous Terms and Conditions.

 If a Promoted or Paid Announcement as it exceeds the number of Free Classified Ads allowed in certain categories on the Website is reported to be expired and if the moderation team checks that the ad object / service is no longer valid, it will be disabled and the amount paid by the User for this Announcement will not be refunded to your account The Provider may validate Users’ User Accounts using SMS verification to ensure that each account is associated with a Real and Unique User. SMS verification requires users to validate their account on the page via a code sent by SMS by the Provider to a valid phone number owned by the User.

 No user charge is charged for account validation, the entire service being provided free of charge by the Provider. Once validated, the User account will remain associated with the phone number used for SMS verification.

If the User wishes to change the telephone number associated with the account, he / she will need to contact the Customer Support Team by sending an email to

  1. Promotion of Announcements

Any Announcement published on the Website directly by the User may be promoted in accordance. There are three types of promotion for which the user can opt:

  • Promoting in the Ads list. This type of promotion is available for the following time periods: 5, 7, and 20 days. Ad promotion is available on both the desktop and mobile site and the app.
  • Promotion on the front page of the Website. This type of promotion is available for the following time periods: 5, 10 and 15 days. Promotion on the front page is only available on the desktop site.
  • The paid Antivirus update includes a single update delivered when the payment is registered. The paid Advance Updates are available on both the desktop and mobile site in

The promotion in the Announcements list consists of:

  • highlighting it in the list, with a background of another color than the other Ads;
  • Include the Ad in the Promoted Ads Gallery. Due to the fact that the number of Announcements promoted at one time may exceed the number of available positions (ie3), the allocation will be based on an algorithm that displays the random ads at each page load so that each Promoted Ad will benefit from same advantage (number of impressions);

The promotion on the front page of the Website consists of:

  • Including the Announcement in the Announcements Promoted on the first page. Due to the fact that the number of Announcements promoted on the front page at a given moment may exceed the number of available positions (ie25), the allocation will be based on an algorithm that displays Random ads at each page load so that each Promoted Ad will benefit from the same advantage (number of impressions);
  • highlighting it in the list, with a background of another color than the other Ads;

The paid Advance Update consists of:

  • The ability to reset the Ad Publishing date anytime, climbing it into search lists and generating greater visibility.

Promotion, both in the Ad list and on the front page, is valid for a single Announcement. The remaining days do not reload and cannot be used to promote a different Product. Users can simultaneously purchase the two types of promotion (in the Listing and on the Home page) for the same Announcement.

Prices for these services vary from one subcategory to another and are displayed on the site prior to the time they were purchased.

  1. Publishing Ads Above Limit Free Classified Ads

The full list of categories and limits of Free Classifieds available on the site can be found at For the publication of any Additional Ad, above the free limit to be registered and displayed in these categories, it will be necessary to purchase a Paid Announcement or a Pack of Announcements.

Purchased Purchase Packages are valid for 1 month (30 calendar days) from the date they were purchased.

The user will no longer be able to use or recover the remaining Unused Ads in the Purchased Ad Purchase Packages once they have expired.

The user will receive a notification when he / she wants to publish an Ad above the limit and after choosing one of the options described above and making the payment will be able to record and display the Ad.

The promotion of these Announcements will also work in accordance “Promoting Advertisements".

Any Free Adsense Limits accepted on the Website enter into force after the expiration of all Active Ads already on the Website, displayed according to the conditions applicable at the time of their display.

  1. Prices. Payment methods

Service prices are displayed on the Site prior to their purchase.

If the payment has been made, the Ad will be promoted or displayed in the case of paid advertisements that exceed the number of Free Classified Ads permitted in certain categories on the Website as soon as the Provider receives the proof of payment .

Payment can be made by online card or by using credit from your account.

Prices are the same regardless of whether or not they have attached photos to the announcement.

The data required to make payments.

For payment by credit / debit card, it is necessary to fill out a form with the data about the user. The form and all relevant information for the order are given by the online payment service provider on the web page to which the User will be redirected.

Accepted debit / credit cards are: Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard / Eurocard, Maestro, including Visa or MasterCard virtual cards.

Payment on account is not available if the credit balance is 0.

Payment for the Ad Website Promotion and Display Ads Service over the Free Limit is done as follows:

If the selected payment method is online, Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard / Eurocard, Maestro, including Visa or MasterCard virtual cards, are available online.

  1. Delivery Service with Verification

The terms used below will have the following meaning:

  • Seller = User who places a Product for sale through the Ad Addition Page on the Website;
  • Buyer = User who purchases Products on the Website;
  • Optional “REPAIRABLE" Gold Verification Delivery Service allows Users who sell Products through the Website to deliver them via Royal Mail,Parcel Force or others and the Product will be visually verified at the destination by the Buyer.

 The counter value of the Product is paid in full, and money is returned to the buyer only if the gold product does not correspond to the quality or appearance shown in the image.

Verification of Products shipped through “Delivery with Verification" is done strictly visually (not technically) in the presence of the courier agent. is not responsible for successfully completing a transaction in which Product dispatch is made through the “Delivery with Check" service.

 Any misunderstandings that arise when the courier moves to Buyer to pick up the parcel and until the transaction is complete (with or without success) is the responsibility of the Seller, the buyer, and Royal Mail Parcel Force or others. also does not mediate the transfer of money between the seller and the buyer.

 A representative of will intervene in the following cases:

  • to contact the sender by all available means if he does not answer the courier agent for the return of the money;
  • to limit access to the “Verified Delivery" service and even to delete Sellers’ Ads that abuse the “Delivery with Check" option; and
  • to provide the Seller with the option of canceling an order.

The Seller’s liability implies that:

  • provide contact details and the correct address so that the courier agent can pick up the Product;
  • cancel the order placed from his or her account using the Curier tab if the Buyer no longer wants the product;
  • deliver the product in accordance with the offer, package it properly and do not offer for sale products prohibited by law;
  • have a shipping sheet for each Product that it delivers through the “Delivery with Verification" service;
  • use Royal Mail, Parcel Force or others, for the “Delivery with Check" service;
  • If you choose the “Delivering with Check" service, allow the checker to check the Buyer.
  • Communicate with Royal Mail, Parcel Force or others, to receive the purchase price of the Product when the package is accepted by the Buyer, if the way the parcel is returned when the product is refused by the buyer;
  • to pay back the delivery of the Product in case the Buyer cannot be contacted for delivery or has refused the package after verification;
  • pay the additional costs of exceeding the 5 kg weight or delivering outside of the courier coverage area.

The Buyer’s responsibility implies that:

  • transmit contact details and the correct address to the Seller so that he can place the order and the Royal Mail Agent, Parcel Force or others, can deliver;
  • to notify the Seller as soon as possible if he no longer wants the Product; if he does not respond, the Buyer agrees to notify one of’s representatives by email at to cancel the order as soon as possible.
  • Visually inspect the Product to ensure that it has received what it has purchased.
  • to refuse the package and to promptly notify representatives at if the Seller asserts that it offers the “Gold Check Service" service but does not fulfill this promise or if the Product does not match with the Announcement;
  • re-package the package if it decides not to purchase the Product after verification.

Courier’s Responsibility (Royal Mail, Parcel Force or others), implies that:

  • move to the Seller and take over the specified package in the online order placed via the Website;
  • contact the Seller if the recipient does not respond or has incorrect delivery data and establish together a way to contact the recipient and / or receive the agreement to bring the Product back to the Seller;
  • not to move to the address of the landlord and to return the order to the Buyer if it is announced by any of them that the transaction has been canceled;
  • not to pick up unpackaged, improperly packed or prohibited by law;
  • not pick up parcels deemed to have the “Verified delivery" service without the transport note;
  • allow the Buyer to visually inspect the Product for 5 minutes before accepting;
  • contact the Seller in the event the Product is denied and establish the terms of return together;
  • deliver the parcel in the same condition as it has taken over from the Seller, both when it brings it to the buyer and if it brings it back to the seller in case of return.
  1. Procedure for filing and solving complaints and notifications received from Users.

 Any User may file a complaint or referral regarding or related to the services provided by the Provider, ie the Ads posted / published / not published by, on the website, within 7 days of the occurrence of the event and / or the occurrence of the case spot.

 Users may submit to the Provider at any time complaints and / or complaints about allegedly unlawful activities by a User of the Website that concern and / or relate to the services provided by, or on information that is apparently unlawful provided by a User of the Website, of which they are aware.

Complaints will be filed via the contact form on the Website.

Complaints and / or notifications submitted to the Provider will include the User ID, the identification number of the Announcement being complained of (if the complaint or complaint concerns a particular Notice) and any other data required by the Provider to identify the event and / of the Announcement (as the case may be) and a more detailed description of the reason for the complaint / referral, so that the Supplier can resolve it as soon as possible.

 Complaints / complaints will be reviewed and will be answered within 30 business days of receipt by the Provider if they have been accompanied by a complete set of data necessary to identify the User, Advice and / or Problem.

 In the event that the petitioner did not provide the Provider with all the data necessary to identify the reported problems and to resolve the complaint / complaint, the Supplier will be notified of the missing information, and the above solution will be prolonged accordingly.

  1. Agreement on the Processing and Collection of Personal Data, processes the personal data of its Users in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

  1. Amendments to this document

The Supplier reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions. You can access the Terms and Conditions anytime at:, terms-of-use. If you do not agree with the proposed changes, the only option you have is to delete the account registered on the Website or not to access, visit or otherwise use the Website.

  1. Applicable law. litigation

 The rights and obligations of the parties mentioned in these Terms and Conditions, as well as all the legal effects they produce, are governed by applicable law.

 Any dispute relating to a dispute relating to these Terms and Conditions shall be settled by the competent courts.

Annex 1 – Prices

The price list on for Ads posted over the free limit is available at this link.

 The prices for promoting ads and for displaying ads over any admissible free limit may change.

 Ads paid before a price change will benefit from the service that was paid at the price specified on the Website at the time of payment, while additional service purchase will be made using the new price grid.

In the case of card payments, the exchange rate is set by the card payment provider the day before the payment.

Ads are displayed and promoted on the Website as soon as technically possible.

If, for technical or other unforeseen reasons, Advertisements promoted or paid to be displayed are not posted on the Website within 24 hours of payment confirmation, we recommend that you contact Customer Support at, providing all the information needed to identify them the paid advert to be promoted / published).

 Periodically, run promotional campaigns to promote Promotional Packages. Discounts offered in these campaigns.

  Annex 2 – Reapplying Pay

Users can opt for Paid Reapproval, as defined below.

The “Reapplying Payroll" service involves the immediate placement of an Ad at the beginning of the list of the subcategory that the Ad belongs to.

  • Flash update (one time at the time of payment), the announcement is placed at the beginning of the list and remains at the beginning of the list until a subsequent update of another Announcement or a new or reactivated Announcement belonging to any User may take its place. Lightning retrieval can be purchased whenever the user desires; and

The “Reapplying Pay" service will be displayed to the User every time before the purchase.

After each purchase, you will receive an order confirmation at the email address you have registered with.

This appendix forms an integral part of the Terms and Conditions and any other provision stipulated in the Terms and Conditions applies also to the “Reapplied Payments" service.

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